CSR Requests

ComSpan Communications strives to return proper CSR requests within 2 business days. Requesting parties should confirm ComSpan Communications is the current carrier by confirming that all TNs show ComSpan Communications as the current provider as identified by our name and SPID in NPAC or the LERG. This process should precede all CSR requests to ComSpan Communications.

For resale situations (when the TN does not match ComSpan’s SPID, but the end user confirms that the end user is a ComSpan Communications customer), the CSR should be obtained from Qwest or Verizon.

The requesting company (whether an ILEC, CLEC, Wireless Provider, VoIP Provider, Telecommunications Carrier, etc.), is responsible for ensuring that it has any and all proper authorization(s) before placing a request with ComSpan. The LOA need not accompany your CSR requests but you must affirmatively indicate that you have received the proper authorization (from the end user and other needed authorization, if any) on your CSR and LSR requests. If a dispute or discrepancy arises regarding the proper authorization(s) and/or your authority to act on behalf of the end-user, you are responsible for providing evidence of the authorization as requested by ComSpan or any governing entity.

All requests for CSR’s should be e-mailed to lsr@ltscompany.com.

For example, in Shared Tenant and VoIP service situations, your indication of authorization acknowledges you have received all necessary authorization(s).
For 3rd Party Non-Telecommunication Carriers (e.g., agents, consultants, or vendors), ComSpan Communications requires that an LOA accompany the CSR request.

LSR/Porting Procedures

Interval Guidelines

  • FOC Response – 2 Business Days
  • Due Date Interval – 1-50 TNs = 5 Business Days
  • Due Date Interval – 51-100 TNs = 10 Business Days
  • Due Date Interval – > 101 TNs = ICB

LSRs received after 3 pm PST will be considered as having been received the following business day. LSRs with due dates less than 5 business days from date of receipt will be FOC’d with the standard 5 day interval. LSRs with a due date of more than 30 days out will be rejected.

Supplemental Orders

ComSpan Communications will make every attempt to meet the original due date request when the order supplement is received at least 48 hours (2 business days) before the established due date. In the event that ComSpan Communications is unable to meet the original due date request, ComSpan Communications will FOC a new date. If the supplement is received less than 48 hours (2 business days) from before the original established due date, use the Interval Guidelines published above to determine the revised due date.
Numbers not activated in NPAC within 10 (Ten) business days from the FOC due date will be canceled by ComSpan. ComSpan Communications will cancel the TN port subscription in NPAC. If any of the canceled numbers need to be ported, a new LSR will be required to re-establish the port request.

Partial LNP Orders

All partial LNP requests should be noted on the LSR as a “Partial Port” in the Remarks section of the LSR. All telephone numbers should be clearly identified as to whether they are being disconnected. Any numbers not identified as being disconnected will remain with ComSpan Communications and be billed to the customer from ComSpan.

Simple Port Requests

The FCC defines Simple Port Requests as follows: “Simple ports are those ports that: (1) do not involve unbundled network elements; (2) involve an account only for a single line; (3) do not include complex switch translations (e.g., Centrex, ISDN, AIN services, remote call forwarding, or multiple services on the loop); and (4) do not include a reseller.”

ComSpan Communications will validate Simple Port Requests using the following fields:

  • TN – 10-digit telephone number
  • AN – customer account number
  • ZIP – 5-digit zip code
  • Pass Code (if applicable)

Inactive Telephone Numbers

ComSpan Communications will only port out active telephone numbers.

LSR Form Process and Submission

Click here to download a Local Service Request (LSR) form.

If the carrier’s LSR form does not meet OBF guidelines, it will be rejected.

The form should be faxed (541-229-2148) or e-mailed to the appropriate contact at noc@comspancomm.com .

CSR/LSR support is available Monday through Friday 8am-5pm pst, except for the following Holidays:

  • New Years
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Holidays that fall on the weekend are observed the preceding Friday or following Monday.

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